Saturday, February 19, 2011


- I wish I didn’t have to warm the engine always before leaving and didn’t open the door.
- I wish I had longer sundays, but longer during the day.
- I wish the Jews and Palestinians to leave away their ancient divergences and they start to live in peace.
- I wish I saw the snow in my city, just for one day.
- I wish I learnt how to cook.
- I wish I had one day in my house all the people I’ve ever loved in my life.
- I wish I was wise to handle my defects and realized about them just as know my talents.
- I wish I didn’t have dust my house and had a way to clean everything easier.
- I wish I walked nowhere and didn’t get tired.
- I wish I needed fewer things and wasn’t worry about the time.
- I wish I have a summer cooler in my city.
- I wish the prices went down and didn’t rise.
- I wish my cell phone battery didn’t discharge ever.
- I wish the telepathy and teleportation knocked down the mass media and transportation.
- I wish people did not feel the power as a drug.
- I wish the eternal questions we asked as children didn’t give up before the pragmatic ones we asked as adults. I wish they came back again.
- I wish I read the entire day with no other worry.
- I wish people didn’t see the world from a slit of their town.
- I wish we had an endless energy, with no contamination and everybody could enjoy it.
- I wish everybody had inside an endless energy and a more powerful will.
- I wish I ate everything and didn’t have to cool it.
- I wish the war wasn’t an alternative, that we didn’t know its concept and its existence had been deleted from history and conscience but not forgetting its sorrow to avoiding repeat it.
- I wish all the fruits I like were in season the whole year.
- I wish we weren’t always hurrying, because the life is too much short to live it so fast.

***** Write the list of things YOU wish to.

* It's so easy to do something together:


Beibiii' love said...

thanks a lot for your comment, you made my day!

OceanDreams said...

thanks for your visit - i wish i could head to Ireland right now! ;)

Kristina said...

hahaha SRY :)
next time I'll write heey dolls & Eduardo :P


un par de lacasittos said...

Hay tantas cosas qe qeremos! jaja

Gracias por pasarte por mi blog.

un besitto!=)

cMajuelo said...

I wish to improve my english... Y entenderte mejor! xD
De veras, muchas gracias por regalarme tus comentarios. Me encanta que lo que escribo pueda gustar a alguien :)
Un beso y que vaya bien esta semana entrante.

Anonymous said...

Yo deseo que todo lo que tu desees se haga realidad • KHA

Eduardo said...

Como no tengo forma de agradecer tus generosos deseos, pues no sé quien eres, lo hago desde aquí.
Mucahs gracias KHA.


Dear Prudence said...

Qué linda entrada.
Yo quiero todo eso y mas, se nos dará?.
Besos grandes.

anotherwomanbyrose said...

cuantos deseos....algunos tan sencillos y otros imposibles! :)


another woman

Coralie said...

Thank you very much for the comment you let me :)


"Rock your own style,dance your own beat..." said...

<3 this....